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Getting creative with our school space while remote learning

Right now we have 19 school sites in the District that are mostly empty with our kids learning at home right now. I have seen and heard first hand about the challenges all families have with remote learning. Whether it is lack of access to technology, not enough space, multiple kids learning at the same time, or not having the proper equipment. I attached an article about a District in Glendale California utilizing their school space in a unique way that helps families while also staying compliant with State orders. We need to start thinking outside of the box to help support our families. Could we do something such as the Glendale School District? I don't see why not. We need creative, proactive, and safe ideas to help alleviate the pressures of learning remote. Right now we have many KOC employees who may be able to assist with a model such as the one being used in Glendale. Could we start by helping essential worker families, first responders, military and LMI (Low to Moderate Income) families? I think that is a good way to start to help our community by providing this type of supervision during remote learning.

Leadership in these times requires forward thinking and problem solving, not waiting to see what other's do.

CNN Article

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