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Different ways to support our teachers

I enjoy too cook. When I have the opportunity to cook for larger groups I like the challenge. For the past couple years I have made breakfast burritos for the teachers and staff of Carrillo Elementary school. Even though we aren't back to school, I couldn't let the tradition die this year. My wife and I got up early today to make a large batch of breakfast burritos for the teachers and staff. It's the little things we can do to show our appreciation and support as the teachers navigate this new world of teaching. Feeding our teachers is a no brainer! Energy to start the day :). As we finish off our first week of remote learning I encourage you to think about little things you can do to show your appreciation.

- Social media shout outs are great!

- An email direct to the teacher is great!

- A hand written note dropped off at the school is great!

- A plate of cookies is great!

- Maybe lunch on a random day would be a nice surprise!

It's the little things that help keep morale positive.

Thank you to the entire District for a solid first week. We made it!

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